Gold is expected to remain elevated

Gold is expected to remain elevated

The average price of gold in Mumbai during FY 2022 was around Rs. 48000 let 10 grams which soared to around Rs. 55000 by the end of the year. Currently, gold prices are hovering around Rs. 63000 per 10 gm. Gold was seen touching new life highs due to the kn going geopolitical uncertainties. In the first week of May gold jumped significantly. But with the speed at which it rose, it was pulled down at double speed by Mid May. “The reasons for its volatility are many. let’s begin with the price rise first. In 2022 Central Banks added 1136 tonnes of gold worth around $ 70 billion to their reserves.” Shared Prithviraj Kothari, Managing Director, RiddhiSiddhi Bullions Limited.

This addition has so far been the largest annual addition since 1967. The World Gold Council data revealed that Central Bank purchases, aided by a rigorous retail investor buying and selling Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) outflows, lifted annual gold demand to an 11-year high.

“Further, the growing inflation triggered Central Banks to raise interest rates, tensions between Russia and Ukraine invoking fears of a full-blown global war, uncertainty across stock markets worldwide, and the recent collapse of the Silicon Valle Bank, followed by a stressful sale of Credit Suisse to its rival UBS group, have contributed to rising gold prices. Investors have reportedly been turning to gold and treasuries after the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse’s implosion. Now moving to this week’s significant drop in the prices. Gold is down $230 to $1990 and that’s the lowest level since May 1.” Shared the Bullion King.

The $2070 zone of major resistance continues to hold and the $2000 level had held in two previous selloffs this month before breaking today. The gold market is soft today as the odds of a further Fed hike next month creep up to 22% from 12% on strong retail sales, industrial production, and home-builder sentiment.

Gold fell after robust US retail sales helped push the USD higher, weakening investor demand. This is despite an ongoing impasse in US debt ceiling negotiations. More hawkish comments from Fed officials also added to the headwinds for the precious metal.

Adding further the Bullion King of India shared, “We also expect a modest recovery of the dollar in the coming months. The pricing out of some Fed rate cuts and a modest dollar recovery will most likely result in lower gold prices but not in a change in trend. For 2024 we are optimistic about the outlook of gold prices. Monetary policy easing by the Fed, ECB and BoE will be a positive for gold prices in 2024 as the rate differences between USD/EUR/GBP versus gold (zero interest rate asset) narrow. Basing the outlook on global financial instability, investors and market players believe that gold will remain elevated in the coming years compared to pre-COVID levels.”